Central Maine Taxi

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Our hours of operation for the fall of 2020 are 6a.m. to 8:30p.m. Monday through Friday, and 6am to 4pm Saturday.  We are closed Sundays unless prior arrangements are made with 24 hours notice.  Please check the facebook page for any changes of an immediate nature. 

If you absolutely cannot fit your schedule into these times, other hours are by appointment with 24 hour notice, and a $5 surcharge applies for every hour outside of business hours in addition to fare.  We are also available as your personal driver by the hour for a fee of $45/hr plus mileage both during business hours and after hours by appointment (after hours surcharge applies and reservation must be pre-paid with credit card or cash prior to scheduled fare). We reserve the right to close based upon mechanical maintenance or unforeseen circumstances. 
As of 1/1/2021 the new owner is Amber L. Downing and she is a registered Vendor with the Maine State Bureau of Purchases, and is certified with the Department of Education, and is a licensed Taxi Driver in the City of Augusta limits. 
We offer:
Clean, air conditioned, non-smoking vehicle
Courier Service
Discounts for regularly scheduled customers, municipal, and state agency customers.
Courteous and Attentive Driver

Holidays are subject to change, and though we are open most holidays, please call to see if we are open!  We are CLOSED Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 
May close due to severe weather conditions, usually in winter, please call to check or look for updates on Facebook.  
No personal credit allowed unless it is an emergency which is dispatched by the local police department.  The client will be charged or then be billed if emergency dictates. Be sure to check out www.facebook/concertsatNorcrossPoint to find out who's playing at Norcross Point.